Stephen Williams

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The next Chapter. 

    I have been pouring my time and focus into the world of software development.  I have taken a particular interest in full stack procedures.  I have experience with Html, Css, and Javascript.  The framework I have most experience in is React.  I have been trying getting used to hooks as I have been self learning in the React JS framework.  

    I keep everything I code on Github so that I can easily jump between computers and can keep version control.  This site I set up and deployed the server on digital ocean.  I have a server running Node with a Mongo DB.  I have taken in interest in the MERN stack for full stack practice.

   I am looking for an opportunity to grow and continue doing what I love.  Learning, building, refining, and growing as a developer.  Perhaps a little board game action along the way as well.


MERN based task list.  Deployed on Heroku and live. 

Heroku Host

Github Repo

A tile based game using a rock paper scissor mechanic.  Simulates a Kung Fu fight, where an attacking form is presented and a counter to that attack is quickly chosen. 

Hosted on Github pages

Github Repo

This is a CMS I built using Ruby on Rails and a bit of Gem to bare minimum style it.  I built it to just get it up.  Wanted to explore Rails a bit.

Herko hosted

Github repo

A task list I built in React Native.  The Github repo has some screen shots of the app being used on an emulator.  I found I liked Flutter a lot more for App building.  I hoping to carve out more time for Flutter.

Github repo