Mint the Mermaid awoke that morning with something missing.  Her magic singing jump rope  was gone.  She loved that jump rope, it would sing and hum as it was twirled in the air.


She tracked down the shark Kyle.  She had known it was Kyle because he had left his Thievery business card behind.

When She confronted Kyle, he slipped away and recruited some help as Mint chased him down.

Kyle The Shark recruited the Evil Sea Queen Zzap.


After taking 10 damage across 2 hits Mint was able to get Zzap to swim off as the trouble just wasn’t worth it.

Mint Cornered Kyle the Shark and got him to talk.  He told Mint, that he had sold her Magic Singing Jump Rope to the Pirates in port.

Mint set off to find the Pirates.


It wasn’t long before mint could hear the jolly singing pirates.  

She needed a plan to get on the boat, she didn’t think the pirates would be too friendly.

Mint used her magic to create a pirate disguise for herself.  She figured if she could make the smelliest meanest looking pirate disguise she could walk around the boat.

Minty the Pirate met Aarg guarding the top deck.  She told him that she was the new recruit Minty the Pirate and her job was guarding the top deck.  Aarg fell for it, and decided to go spend his new found time taking a nap!


The disguise worked.  Now Minty the Pirate was all alone on the top deck with no guards to see her snooping around!

She had a chance now to look for her magic jump rope. 


However, where was she to start looking?

She figured the Captains Quarters.


Minty the Pirate walked into the Captain’s Quarters only to find it occupied by the Pirate Captain Orange Beard!  When Orange Beard asked who she was Minty told him. 

Luckily Captain Orange Beard believed Minty the Pirate.  He must have hired Minty and then forgot in the excitement of watching the ‘My Little Pony’ movie.  Orange Beard loved the Ponies.

Orange Beard chased Minty out of the cabin as Minty was supposed to be guarding the deck!  

Orange Beard locked the Quarters and went down below to get a massage.  Apparently they had a masseuse on board.  these are high class pirates.


Minty the Pirate was unable to pick the lock.  She tried and broke the tip of her knife.  She will tell you its a sword but we know that is a knife.   

Mint went down below to try and sneak the keys from the Captain as he was getting a massage.  

During their conversation Mint with great luck (12 roll) was able to get the keys off the Captain as he yelled that she needed to get back up and guard the deck it was certainly not Minty’s snack time!


Minty easily got inside the Captains quarters only to find the Captains spare parrot was sleeping.  Minty had to be really quiet.

Minty looked around and saw a book shelf with books and a little chest on the shelf.  She saw a bed and at the foot of the bed was a treasure chest.  There was a desk in the corner with scattered papers and drawers.  In the other corner was a closet. 

Minty had only enough sneak to be able to check two places before the parrot would most certainly wake up. 

She checked the bed chest, and the desk only to find nothing except crackers and stale chips.  

The parrot woke and flew off to tell Captain Orange Beard.  Minty had to act fast and she checked the closet only to find peg legs, hooks, and moth ball smelling jackets.  

The last second before the Captain broke into the room Minty looked in the chest on the shelf and found her magic singing jump rope at last!


The Captain Orange Beard burst through the door and had Minty trapped!

Orange Beard was between her and the door.  She could make a break for it, but that Captain had a proper sword not a knife.

Minty looked around and saw the port hole was open.  If Minty could do her change spell properly she could change back to her mermaid form in mid air to fit through the port and dive into the water.


Mint did it!  She was able to transform back into a mermaid and slip through the port hole in one graceful bound. 

Even though she had half hear health from battle she was able to make a perfect splashless dive into the water and get away from the pirates with her magic singing jumping rope.


Yay Mint!



After all that with plenty of failed rolls plenty of mistakes and misteps Mint was able to learn some valuable lessons.  

She was awarded 4 experience points and was able to reflect on some of skills she will need to work on in the future.

Mint was able to work on 4 new / old skills to better prepare her for anything in the future.

1.  Mint has the ability to shoot beams out of her hands.

2.  Mint has the ability to transform herself into different disguises.

3.  Mint has the ability to cast nets, and also she can break nets that have fish, turtles, dolphins, friend or even Mint herself caught in.  Mint thinks its very important to be able to cut your plastic so it won’t act as a net in the ocean.

4.  Mint has the ability to control robots.  She just has the uncanny ability to control robots no matter what.  Robots love her.