About me. For the last 6 years I have been raising my daughter, and feeding a constant curiosity into program languages.  During this time I have been fully invested and obsessed with learning as much as I could about code.

   My first foray was HTML and creating websites in college for fun.  I had a site where I would jot down funny reviews I did of fast food restaurants in the same vain as serious eatery reviews.  That was long a time ago.  

   My interests are always wide, much like in school I had a hard time picking a major because I had an interest in all of them.  To the same distraction perhaps I find myself in computers.  JavaScript was the start and then after reading and hearing enough talk about why this language is different from that I found myself creating bots on Reddit in Python because I wanted a peek at the differences between the two languages.  Then it was Ruby’s turn.  Where I built a few web scraping applications in Ruby and then a CMS blog structure in Ruby on Rails.  Then my curiosity started taking me to CTF curious as to how security worked.  Then I realized I have spread myself thin again and started to refocus on JavaScript again, stick to the original plan.  Then ReactJS started to peak my curiosities, it was still in the same language as JS so I wasn’t distracted too as I jumped down that rabbit hole.  The only thing this has solidified for me is that I in fact want to desperately continue to absorb and learn the language at hand.  To me computer programming is like being a kid again with unlimited amount of Legos at your disposal, the only limits are your imagination.

   As for the rest I have gone from Los Angeles High School for the Arts being a visual artist to working as a crew chief for a land survey crew.  To go from arts to mathematics may seem like a leap however I think a lot of times art, cooking, music is a combo of math and spontaneity.  Its all part structure and part flair.  However I think that illustrates well that I am not one dimensional (speaking of which that is some of my favorite reading is dimensional theory and pop astrophysics.. even my first love philosophy which further illustrates how all over my interests lay). I have had streak going that every new job I have done with in a month I was the designated trainer.  I laugh at this as every time it happens it once again reinforces to me how I just learned this stuff and I don’t think I have any place training others,yet there I am with that level of trust in my competency.

  That’s me now.  Code.  I know what I want.  I want the unlimited raw potential of creating any and everything.  For the last 5 years I have been playing around with code.  And my interest is only growing into a fever pitch. The chance and skill to dream things up and then code them into existence. 

  This is philosophy (what do we need?), this is math (logic), this is religion (obsession), this is history (making it), this is psychology (UI), this is Sociology (which groups?), this is Art, this is everything.  This is my next chapter.