I saved the Wendy’s kids meal toys, ‘Create Your Adventure’ series.  Now I am DMing while my 6 year old daughter uses her imagination to fill in the story.  These are ‘The Adventures Of Mint’.  

Meet the Cast, Casters, and Castaways In 'The Adventures Of Mint'.

These are the characters who have swam, walked, massaged their way into on going story line.

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Mint the Mermaid is the main hero in this saga.  She is played by a 6 year old girl’s imagination. 


Kyle is a semi professional shark with a business card to prove it. 


Aarg is a fantastic pirate guardsman.  He excells at protecting the deck, and a nap enthusiast.

Pirate Masseuse

We don’t have a name for him yet, but he is what makes the pirates classy. 

Zzap the Evil Queen!

Zzap is an evil queen and she gets her name from her propensity to Zap anything she finds displeasing.  

Captain Orange Beard

Captain Orange Beard comes from a long line of Captains who have named themselves after the color of their beard.  He is high class enough to employ a masseuse on board.

Minty The Pirate

Minty the Pirate is one of Mint the Mermaid’s many disguises.  She picked the smelliest, meanest, most impressive look she can get.